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Fall Series

This fall collection draws on the natural sciences including climate science and geology, as well as some geometry to explore the innate connection we have to others and to ourselves, expositioning the baseline realities of our being.



Reflections <>Albedo 

Rainbows <> Arc En Ciel 

Rockies <>Metamorphic

Rage <> Potential Intensity 

Rectitude<> Riemannian 

Rhythm <> Synchronicity 

DALL·E 2023-12-19 18.02.55 - A visually poetic interpretation of the poem 'Reflections __

Reflections <>Albedo Effect

Shores on Lake Michigan

Water Shining like flickers of light

Relative afflictions taking flight  

Turning this reflectivity into a  fictitious factorial 

When we realize we are all one 



This wintertime Albedo 

A moment of diffuse complete reflection

Ice to water

A spreading 

Widening wiring then cooling of body


The Irradiance of life

This Necessary Radiosity of being


This Spectral Radiation Reaching our 

Spectered Minds

Memories Creating Cloudy Days

Energy Coming at Us from every direction

Challenging Angular Calculations

These Wide Bands of Information



But with the  Monitoring of Energy 

An Energetic Sundial of the Mind

An Awareness was Heeded

A Directional Integration

And a Reflectance

Was Seeded


This eruption rupturing  captured constraints

ash spewing out,  creating cooling conditions

for fertile soil to start anew

Clear Day

Rainbow Cubes

Perspective <>Arc En Ciel

White sunlight moving through foreign bodies

Limited Luminance creating rays in perpendicularity

presuppositionally expected to be

Crossed then wrayed and wrested away.


Light turned to water as it 

hits the many raindrops that exist 

in the sky 

Of Life

leading to Reflections, Refractions, and Dispersions

Of Light


These colorwaves are created from human vision

42 degrees creating an 

unreachable untouchable arc en ciel 

sin(2β − φ) = n sin β,

many rainbows exist  but only one can be seen

everybody has their own drops

 sees their own rainbow


Light bouncing back within a droplet

Back and forth back and forth


Dispersion from a variety of angles

Reduces Brightness

Producing a multitude of colors

Beautiful but


seeing a rainbow means feeling the heat of the sun on your back 

Few turn around to see the sun

No reflection no refraction no dispersion 

Light and Zero order glow 

DALL·E 2023-12-20 12.13.34 - A creative visualization of the poem 'Perspective __Arc En Ci
DALL·E 2023-12-19 18.08.07 - A visual representation of the poem 'Rough __ Metamorphic Roc

Rough <> Metamorphic Rock

When I learned that rocks could change I was shocked

Rocked and racked by the notion that  like humans rocks were metamorphic

I saw them becoming hardened 

Layers by layer

Criss crossing

Foliation creating jagged edges

The result of pressures from their environments

From all sides

Sheared and differential in origin


Sometimes I learned these shifts were tectonic in nature

Immense pressure and heat causing and 


Creating a dyssynchronous state

But the changing of bodies is possible

Without having to melt itself over and over again



The changing of bodies while retaining shape


We can dissolve the minerals in ourselves and create new ones

When we open ourselves up 

Even rocks can shift

Liquid coming in and out

Atoms at elevated temperature can move

Assemblages as an alternative

To decay:


Hurricane Map

Rage <> A Potentially  Intense Tropical Cyclone

Hot Liquid

Warmer waters rising


This time the memory of cooler water is too deep to upwell 

Convectionary states in this confectionary plate 

Creating the easy bake oven that is this energy state 

Thunder coming together from small downpours of days past  turning into storms 

Wind whirling and winding 


Low Wind 

This Sheer force of

Potential intensity(PI)    

Creating this Entropy 


The only extant framework 

of my body /  of my being / of my mind soul and spirit 

I know to be true 

Columnar extraction of heat up from the deep wide well of my ocean 

Tears lifted into the verticality of space around me


This storm 


Concentration of Moisture 


Spinning in Solitude



Moving  through others 

The entrainment of energy through a moving body


As it spins

Circulation in the center around it

Blood boiling heat

Ring of Convection, of conviction

This storm eye center of my being

DALL·E 2023-12-20 12.13.50 - A visual representation of the poem 'Rage __ A Potentially In
DALL·E 2023-12-20 16.51.09 - A simplified visual interpretation of the poem 'Rectitude __

Rectitude <> The Riemannian Geometry of Life


Who are we?


1. Created from a world outside ourselves 

2.created from within 

As we fold out and embed ourselves

up and around

into three dimensional, euclidean space 


 As our manifolds isometrically embed themselves into the reality we find ourselves in 

we feel the twists and turns

our bodies disjointed from our selves

life forcing us into contortion


but - the essence and lines are preserved

this sense of self begins

collapsing inwards


Knowing this original true nature- this soul exists

Allows for the bends and breaks that come with shifts


When life’s folds and twists create a distorted version of reality 


The truth of homeomorphism can feel like home 

taking and changing shape 


Wherever we find ourselves in and around

Rhythm <> Synchronicity

Synchronicity involves the undoing of pieces


Geometry induced wave-function collapse

The elimination of the geometric  rectitude into freeform motion

Through this notion we can create reality

And outcomes, combinations, and permutations

the undoing of form into waves

Infinite oscillations at zero angular momentum

Creating this  synchronicity of life 


It’s these bands of waves oscillating

Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, theta,

Within us and around us

Creating frequential realities 

That we can match, mimic, and shift

Within ourselves and with each other

DALL·E 2023-12-20 16.53.59 - A modified visual interpretation of the poem 'Rhythm __ Synch


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