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Below are collections of poetry for the fall , spring and summer from 2021-2022. 


Fall Series

This fall collection draws on the natural sciences including climate science and geology, as well as some geometry to explore the innate connection we have to others and to ourselves, expositioning the baseline realities of our being.

Rainbow Cubes
Liquid Drop

1. Lines to Prisms

2. Prisms to Light to Sound

3. Sound to Heat 

4. Heat to Heart

5. Consciousness 

Image by Greg Rakozy

This Summer Series explores the nature of energy and its manifestations as lines, shapes, light, heat, and sound. By using geometry, physics, and acoustics the six poems explore the ways in which our reality maintains energetic constance, including our relationship to ourselves, and the ones we love.

Summer Soiree Series: States of Being

Stay Tuned

This Series explores the sensory components of spring; drawing heavily on imagery like wood, fire, and water  and other  natural elements to describe the infinite cyclical nature of our feelings,      our selves, our loved ones and our planet.  

1. Sounds and Sights

2. The Lifting of Water

3. Seeps and Ganders

4. Meadows and Mavens

5. Workspring

6. The Permission to Tend

7. Shift and Echoes (The Rain)

Image by Victoria Palacios
Image by Igor Son

Spring Series: The Sights and Sounds of Life(Spring 2022)

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