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Current Publications

These are publications, research, projects, and briefs I’ve worked on, contributed on, or am working . Some of the topics I’ve been excited to work on related to economic development and justice,  environmental policy, and the use of technology to further both of these causes. All of these projects are from 2022 onwards and some are still in development.

Neon Fluorescent Tube

This project was exciting to work on and focused on wellbeing and the way economic framing has been used to capture personal wellbeing and community wellbeing including the pitfalls this has led to like economic inequality, growth-focused economics, and a lack of care for humanity.


I was excited to think about and help provide my insights into what a new economic system could look like that reflected life not death especially from a climate lens. You can download the report here 


you can read more about thoughts this project spurred for me here- through an Op-Ed written with the folks and the Op-ED Project about economics.

Image by Lina Trochez

YOUNGA Comunique

I was so excited to work on this Comunique this year. This project brought together leaders from Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America to helm the development of the annual climate communique. After weeks of cool VR sessions, talks about disability justice, and climate speakers from UN programmes, I was able to serve as a leader to write and synthesize the voices of over 100 young people from the global south and across the world on how we can achieve climate justice.


You can read this report here!


Distributed Ledger Technology and the Grid

 I remember getting an email from the U.S Office of Science and Technology sending out a call for papers on the environment and cryptocurrency. As cryptocurrencies exploded in the U.S in March 2022 I became growingly interested in other features of distributed ledger technology, the Internet of Things-ification of the grid, and what a smart grid might look like that is centered on tenets of energy reliability, reduction in consumption, and would lead to affordability for customers.


Energy Farm
Delivering Package

Mutual Aid and the Blockchain

This paper arose out of being involved in Mutual Aid in 2020 and realized that while some items like basic household goods and toiletries, and food did well, other things did not. Money for example became tricky when I went through a complicated process for my organization to do mutual aid, jumping through a variety of legal hoops to do so. I began thinking about what mutual aid could like for services, housing, and healthcare. To achieve alternative economic realities I realized we must look outside of traditional finance. That led me to this paper about what the features of mutual aid would look like on chain.

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