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Project Highlights

Principle 6: Equity and Access to Diverse Volunteers, 2021

This project involved a move towards equity by providing financial support to volunteers from diverse backgrounds through a nominal support program, and assistance to ensure accessibility, access, and support

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Travel and Digital Systems Rehaul at Sunrise, 2019

I worked on a digital rehaul project of expense management, travel, and registration systems to ensure access, safety, and efficiency for  in-person programming with 50+ participants to ensure climate action

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Building Youth Leadership Infrastructure at CYACA, 2015

CYACA was developed to foster leadership among students to combat climate change at the city, state, and national level. The organization included immersive educational programming and program evaluation. 

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Fundraising on Actblue: Optimizing Digital Systems for Equity , 2020   

I was able to work with my team to use Truelink and Actblue's Tandem Feature to launch Mutual Aid fundraisers for Environmental Justice groups across the U.S by using Sunrise's marketing and reach.

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Organizational Levers for Fundraising: Scholarships at SSC, Sierra Club 2018

This project involved a fundraising effort to ensure students of all backgrounds were able to attend programming. I was able to partner with chapters and organizations across the U.S to ensure every accepted participant was able to attend across all U.S Summer Sites. 


Highlighting the Intersections of Climate Change at ACE, 2014

This was the winning film produced with the Alliance for Climate Education, focused on the links between climate change, school funding, and resource allocation. 

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