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My Vision for 2040: A Visioning Exercise

This is a visioning exercise for a learning course in

  • My dream of a society was one in which there is an understanding of mutuality and we considered that as humans we are bound to each other and our planet. One in which there was cooperation across borders we’ve created. I’m happy to say I’ve played a role in mobilizing resources and work to the global south, coordinating renewable energy transition; through public policy and technological developments facilitating the sharing of resources, using partnerships between unlikely groups. I also enjoyed combining unlike sets of information, combining information in unexpected ways and helping others see patterns in our landscape. I gained the skills to look at the renewable energy landscape and figure out where the biggest impact could happen, ensuring the projects supported people’s livelihoods and the planet. My allies were visionaries, thinkers, and doers. They were the then-young people of the world that were able to see an old planet anew. They were artists, analysts, researchers, and builders. They were in construction and behind computers. The biggest challenge was the lack of trust, the fear, and the unknown that pervaded society twenty years ago. It was the way in which we had fell out of relationship with ourselves, with each other, and with our planet. The biggest challenge wasn’t actually a person or a group it was an idea. The idea that we weren’t interconnected. I overcame it by helping those around me realize we always have been and always will be interconnected and we get to decide whether we want to help or hurt each other. As I told people, they told others, and that idea spread and spread enough that it became dominant thought.



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