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Digital Systems Revolution

The Opportunity : This was an amazing and challenging project at Sunrise. In the Spring of 2019 the organization had gone through a “trigger moment” and had scaled up its membership. Suddenly- thousands of young people were excited to take action on the climate. 

Problem Scope: One of the major challenges was the lack of digital and operational infrastructure available in the nonprofit space to support a fast-paced, large scale mobilization of young people to take national and local action on climate. 

Digital Solutions Criteria

One of my first thoughts here was that I should start looking elsewhere to think about how this mass-scale operation could be expanded. The  scenarios included one to two week turnarounds for massive mobilizations including travel, funding, and registrations. Here are the criteria I worked off of before a larger stakeholder process to test different systems across departments. 

Digital Solution Examples

These are just some of the digital solutions employed across my time at the organization. To read more, read my profile at Blackbaud here.

Trip Actions Allowed for mobile booking, including volunteer and staff roles, and unique trip identifiers to allow for storage for visibility and permissions. It also used chat systems and groups to further assist guests or staff members with travel.


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