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Summer Series

By using heat, sound, geometry, and physics I explore the relationship  and energy between beings

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Lines to Prisms

We are moving around each other
A rendezvous that glides up and around and sometimes through
Tightened and fastened, we are ribbons created from spools

When you move and glide
through crowds
through people
You create
unlike our local skating circuit

But like threads
Twisty , windy , tight , and wound up.

Because sometimes you don’t skate in synchrony

you move in patterns past retracing metal on ice

the depth of thoughts thawing, guiding you deeper

Our Blades beyblading and falling in

In April I proclaimed you make me undone and undone it must be when we create

Not pieces but parts of each other

Imperfectly bound and wound back up
Creating new patterns,

Plated? not likely
No smears or swishes
This sauce can’t be wiped
This plate can’t be retrieved

Placed, like Pollocks
Dripped and dropped
Not knowing where they’ll land
But with the cognition to see where they lie

The geometries of our evenings creating multidimensional prisms of being

DALL·E 2023-12-19 17.40.50 - An artistic interpretation of the poem 'Prisms to Light to Nu

Prisms to Light to Numbers

Sweetness of the morning
Rise up into the ridings of rivers

Tasty treats and tejidos  tenebrosos
This tenebrism present prismatically

Lightness to darkness
Spectrums of beings as we sit down at a shaded tree, time for shared conversation

Shared service shared supper
subtleties our subtle breaks
These rays in our daybreak
The intensity of our lights on each other
Shining for the first time

I don’t always see it but I see its reflection its refraction and fractures

We are fractions of each other and in you I see me

And that’s how I know this number is rational

This show tune harmony

Numbers to Sounds

This function is a harmonic spectrum
Periodic and
harmonics we produce are whole
Perfect integer multiples
x5 x6 x8
Our overtones
But our fundamental frequencies
Are right there


When combined the infinite fractions of sound creating a
distinct sound
Distinct timbre
Sul tasto to sul ponticello our sounds:
Sweet and spooky




Enveloping and Generating :

DALL·E 2023-12-20 11.45.00 - A creative visualization of the poem 'Numbers to Sounds', foc
DALL·E 2023-12-19 17.44.51 - An abstract interpretation of the poem 'Sound to Heat', focus

Sound to Heat

Orderly motioned is sound
Atomically speaking
Precise and plucked
Up and down

Intervals of density
But these peaks and troughs
This wave can be disrupted

When it hits objects
When I hear you
When I speak
When you listen

When sound hits objects it creates heat

This heat that burns and stings
This heat that warms
Our bodies turned toasty in the coldest of rooms

This heat that is random
Atoms coming together
Their vibration allowing for an ease in sound

Feeling your heat allows me to hear you
And hearing you creates heat

This molecular decoherence that I only know to be love
Our atoms interacting as we sit down once again on this couch

somber sounds from the
Serious conversations

Real conversations
Conversely reality

Filled with this decoherence of our sordid situations in this world

Sometimes seething

We sit not in solitude but in solidarity

Sipping tea I am struck by your words and this sense of a flame being created engulfs me

These de-excited atoms and molecules

Heat to Heart

With you there is this constance this continuous congruence of self
Flames swirling
Ellipses like toruses

Spinning and contained
Shapes flattened and widened, compressed and concentrated

The Pressure and density of our environment
The wind whispering over and around us
This reduction of diameter bringing us closer together
Conservation of angular momentum as we spin faster
Flame higher

This wheel of oxygen, of life
breathing , inhaling
Our complementary burning

These fires are disassembled

Our distinct collections of consciousness spinning in tangential acceleration in tandem

Hard rocket launch
at = dv / dt

En blanc
Fires like flames past, but this canvas wide open

Ancillary sinews
Holding our mental extremities together
I can feel it in my chest

In my Heart


Point to point
Wave in between
The realities of our consciousness

Each outcome created and curated
Possibilities existing only as past perceptions

Our Connection is a current
The electromagnetism of our being
The geometric patterns of our energy
Creating A Patchwork as evidence of the interference of our shared realities

At times creating moments of combined energy
Peaks and peaks
and moments of absence of energy
Troughs and troughs

This Repetitive nature in vibration
Shifting trembling breaks
Our bodies
convalescing soon
Creating Covalent bonds between us

Our stationary and motioned parts lining up
Both still and moving this
Linear Combination
Atomic orbital formation
Different electronic configurations

This Illustrative Quantitative

of our duality
of our being

DALL·E 2023-12-19 18.01.36 - A visually poetic interpretation of the poem 'Consciousness',


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