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Blooms and  Blossoms 

This series takes a look at the journey flowers take to bloom and the beautiful spreads  they create, focusing on the flowers found on islands of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore,  and  Japan, as well as an impressive mushroom and a tree from the latter . Through the series I explore the conditions and surroundings of development as people like flowers change, grow, and blossom. 

DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.45.28 - A visual representation of the poem 'Meihua _ Ume - Plum Blos

              Meihua / Ume                              梅花 | Plum Blossom

Ice Off  

Ice On


False springs leading not to water but a renewed thawing period 


A second freeze 


Up through the Yangtze and into Nara Japan 

Baika parties run amok

The original Hanas for this Hanami 


The heralding of spring 

Windy woodsy branches painted a deep dark brown 


Ice filtering  them  creating glossy caramel hues 

Standing strong at the gates of 

きもん | Omote-Kimon


Flowering without leaves means

Trusting in advance 

What will only make sense in reverse.

Sakura ( サクラ | Cherry Blossom)  

Mono no Aware



Flowers Blooming All at Once

Fully Enveloped in every  Pink


Purposefully Poignant Petals

Now Placed on the Ground

it is this transience precisely  that is the singularity of life


Truth: We are Beautiful when we Bloom and Blossom


When we fall

When we shift and shake as the winds guide us away

Willowing and wading downstream to new River Banks


In Beauty

Lies Impermanence

In Impermanence Lies Life


When we align ourselves to this

In Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our Kokoro 心

Becomes infinitely attuned to the rhythms of nature

Wherever they might send us next

DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.46.32 - A visual interpretation of the poem 'Sakura ( サクラ _ Cherry Bl
DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.50.22 - A revised visual interpretation of the poem 'Kirinomitake - T

Kirinomitake (キリノミタケ)  The Texas Star

 This Lone Star Shining Bright 

       Bursting Open 


      This New Grounding

      Dead Roots Giving Rise to its Glory

      Mornings of  Saprobic Revival


      Water All Around we Worship

      Drops Lifted creating Life

      Humidity causing a 


     Dehiscence a

     Dissonance a 


     Dis-alignment between its internal body and external state

     It hisses when it blooms as it expels spores

    The “Devil’s Cigar”


    It’s a Smoke Show at this

    Wild West Shootout 

  1. Bauhinia x Blakeana (洋紫荊) Hong Kong Orchid

  In this Wilderness this Orchid is Created 


            Hybridization creating a

Hythe in Nature


            Lonely Havens- 

            In this emptiness the Orchid Blooms

            Heaven on Earth



Progressive Leaves

Swirling Abound


Cleaving Cleverly


Surround Sound


            And  Decidedly 


            Simply Asymptotic 

            In its Totality  


Always Approaching 

DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.53.09 - A visual representation of the poem 'Bauhinia x Blakeana - Ho
DALL·E 2023-12-21 14.00.06 - A visual representation of the poem 'Plumeria Obtusa (鸡蛋花) -
  1. Plumeria Obtusa ( 鸡蛋花) Singapore Graveyard Flower 

       It’s This Infinite Revival En Vivo


           Spring to Autumn Blooms

           Sweet, Strong Scents 

          Blunt Leaves Obovate, Obviating 

          The barriers placed by time 


         Two years in this Slow Burn  

          Pruning necessary to create space for new sprouts 

          Infinite Regeneration

         Mugen Saisei  無限再

Urushi (漆) Lacquer Tree



 Layers and layers stripped 

 Inner bark


Urushi Kanna

うるし かっな

Cutting Across




        Cuts Lined up Horizontally

Now Oozing


Gooey Goblets 



Poison Oak


Sap Expositioned to


Giving it a Breath of Life


        Unbounded Pi Electrons 

        Reactive Energy Allowing for its movement Through space

        Creating a Chain Reaction



        A Hardening 

A Christening

A Darkening

Glazed and Glistening 


The Evaporation of Water leaving only Resistance


DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.55.44 - A visual representation of the poem 'Urushi (漆) Lacquer Tree


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