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Spring Collection

This spring collection focuses on the similarities between our bodies, our relationships, and ongoing transformation of the natural world


shifts and shutters

Purposeful rain for

Poncho-ed pontifications

Stream of words not stutters

The ground is filled and guttered,

waiting for this 50 bus

water turned puddled

words from muddled to muddied


Now we have these 427 ducks ,

This pond of life, our creation.

Pondering while I listen to him lied on his throne, playing his tune , his fife, his tone

A potentate,

His speech carries weight and sound , this has shown



No one can shift words like he can in this water, brings abundance , fishes

He makes words mean something l'ḥaim

On a whim

Make the pond electric , replete with dagim

Whether past, present, or future

He can stitch these bodies of work together


And I’m a lily pad listening

Planted and firm

Shaken not stirred

Pressed and echoing

My energy like myrrh

Agate in my substrate

Waiting for the lyft

It’s time to shift

Cloudy Day


5/3 Mornings not Yearnings


Fresh spring mornings

With My lover by my side

Whether at a distance

Or by bedside

I can’t help but picture

His deep seaside eyes

You are my pride


This morning Monsoons adrift

I want to melt in between a crest and trough

With my arms around you

Castaways our past seasons cast-off

Dreaming in deep sea blue



5/2 The Permission to Tend


At city hall

We shall see

Permits and permissions

No Need be

I’ve allowed myself to love again

I want to see this to the end

You tend and tend

Your garden of relations

I feel so lucky to be here and stationed


5/1 Workspring


May Day


Sometimes this worker needs some rest

No more work we have to wait until the Harvest

With love and care

No one can compare

This brimming gem

From the roots to the stem

To flowers that bloom when the gust is down

 you are safe and sound


4/28 Meadows and Mavens


Grassy hilltops

Savory and sweet

We just made closing time at the shop

shivers and shakes

On repeat

A shift from deliver and bakes

That he did last week

of his crafts, he’s a maven

Refining and revising his feats

Excited to dive into the unexplored, the forsaken

All this I get to see in awe, what a treat



4/22 Seeps and Ganders


Only Aproned and apparationed

Was this lovely meal possible re:position

Gandering over at the seeping of seasoning into creation

No one can reverberate and transform an already magical occasion

Exalted and extolled

On this Passover Seder

with my love you are laden

It has never been greater



4/20 The Lifting of Water


It rises up into air

As we inhale and release

Smiling and sensible

Eyes begin to crease

Heat lifting water

Test fire created moisture

Topsoil turned sodder

This relationship, this new pasture

We both felt our roots rip apart our stomachs churned

Prescribed burns

And here we are -

the water

lifted off our faces

Fire whirls: filled with debris , the traces

giddy and sleepy

We lay to rest

Heat on by body , side by side





Sounds and Sights (The Oboe)


This Bosque

Boxed up Boxwood

Good and sharp turns needed

To avoid sanding and abrasiveness this advice should be heeded

Difficult to find and Slow growing

And slow turning has the best showing

My Haut-Bois

I wrap his reed and tune as best I can

Sometimes warped but that’s to be expected with such a slow seasoning

To make this sturdy man

I marvel in his sag tune

I revel in his gem moon

the oboe in jazz, “Almost art “

I want to build with him, but first assart

Forest Fire
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