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Current Projects

These are the projects I'm currently working on! If you are interested in learning more, collaborating, or sharing, reach out!


Supporting Global Youth to take Climate Action

I've been thinking about how we can support young people around the world to take climate action including adaptation and mitigation programs and measures as the climate crisis worsens. As a board member at SustainUs, which sends youth to COP and Earth Guardians, that has crews around the world, I'm interested in how we can build a resource bank for youth in the global south and create solidarity in international spaces like the UN and the World Bank.

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Increasing Economic Opportunity through People and Planet-first based  Policy

I'm working with thinktanks, writing op-eds, and working on building global coalitions  to redefine how we build policy. I'm inspired by policy that considers the humanity and wellbeing of individuals and their community as the driving force in creating change.



Wellbeing, Central Bank Digital Currencies(CBDC) and their ability to improve the livelihood of individuals, and Green New Deal style policies including  a worker-centered just transition are some of the ideas I'm working with.

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The role of Web3 and DLT in building a greener, sustainable world 

I've been researching how Distributed Ledger Technology can  help modernize the U.S electric grid, creating Distributed Autonomous Organizations(DAO's) for good, including Climate Action, and the role of tokens in creating decentralized                                    governance. 

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